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Water purifier system for tribal hostel

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Azimganj Parish in Murshidabad district is catering to the Tribal population, the Santhals in the region. It is situated in the Gangetic plain and the ground water has become unsafe for drinking and domestic purpose due to excessive use of chemicals and pesticides in cultivation over the years. Now the water is contaminated with arsenic poison and iron. Water borne diseases are very common in summer and rainy seasons. Using ground water as a drinking water source will definitely affect their health and might cause serious health problems.

Don Bosco Hostel is accomodated more than over 450 poor tribal children and these poor tribal children have no easy access to good water for drinking and washing, bathing etc. They are exposed to waterborne diseases like diarrhea, skin colouration, cancer etc.

We intend to maintain basic hygiene like keeping classrooms clean, providing clean and pure drinking water and maintaining proper sanitation. It is essential to install Reverse Osmosis Based Water Treatment Plant to supply enough clean water for the children. This water plant will solve the problem of good and safe water for the children. It will indeed be great asset for the wellbeing of the children and their good health.

The Total cost of the RO unit and installation is Rs 6, 20,000/-. We are approaching you with great hope that you will consider this appeal favourably consider supporting us in our endeavour.