Velhukholu Keyho comes from a small village in Nagaland. She is the eldest daughter in her family. When she finished her studies she started to work in the hotel industry. In 2011, however, she decided to participate in the first “Beauty and Wellness” course offered by the Salesian centre. From there she quickly began a fast-growing career, with numerous changes of location in different cities.

“Often people ask me where I come from and in what Institute of Management I was trained,” she says. “Proudly I tell them that I attended a three-month course at the Don Bosco Tech of Dimapur. When I look at my past I always feel grateful to this institution. If I had not joined the training programme, I would have been shut in my little world, with no opportunity to know the real world that is out there. Now I am very happy and my parents are proud of me because I’m helping my brothers and sisters. Thanks, Don Bosco Tech, for giving me a great opportunity at the right time.”