Education Support for the Marginalised Slum Children

0.00 Raised of 3,000,000.00

Nitika Don Bosco tuition centre for slum children rearmed itself to commence the battle against child illiteracy, malnutrition, and unaffordability of effective education. The tuition centre reworked its goal to reduce school dropouts among slum children where parental apathy towards child education is natural due to the daily struggle to make ends meet. Despite the current onslaught of coronavirus, the education programme aims to continue through worksheet programme for lower level and online classes for higher classes.

This project not only aimed at giving them quality education but also focused on their overall growth, by providing them with quality education, life skills training, nutrition, games and sports and excursion programmes. We also sensitized them about our environment and include them in taking measures to protect our environment and keep it clean by organizing Swach and Harit Shahar Campaign” with them.

The project reached out to 450 slum children and provide them with quality education through evening and bridge classes. The program aimed to target the beneficiaries by bringing quality education to their doorstep.